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About the ASME Mentoring Program:

The ASME Mentoring program, piloted in partnership with WisdomShareSM, is a resource for you as you work to support or meet goals identified as building blocks for skill development and career growth. Based on targeted matching, the Mentoring Program is designed to produce rewarding experiences for both mentors and mentees.

As a mentee you can ask career questions, get a perspective on the day-to-day issues you face in the workplace, and learn about different career options and more. It depends on your own individual needs. A mentor can help you get the right training, find the right niche in mechanical engineering or introduce you to a non-traditional career path. It could also help you to transition more easily into the working world or change engineering fields.

As a mentor you have the opportunity to give back to your industry. You will also learn from your mentee. You may be teaching him or her new things but, during the process, you can learn new skills, too, including personal development skills and other job-specific skills you can use in your business.


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